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Got this milk flavored pet #jelly from #Daiso and he loves it. As a human I find it bland but hey not bad.

Oh, garish kiddie bathroom rug. The moment I saw you, I knew we’re meant to be. ♥

(Source: gxt, via shckblst)

(Source: shckblst)

Fashionable Grandpas, Sexting Tips, and Other Stories…

Fashionable Grandpas, Sexting Tips, and Other Stories…

Darren Pearson aka dariustwin on Flickr

Darren Pearson aka dariustwin on Flickr

The category Interweb Gems is for sharing the goodies I find across the internet! Plain and simple.

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#mutt #pomtzu #bookshelf #vscocam

Almost done with #room makeover. Cannot change paints n furnishing that came with the place.
#Kotatsu (P500 Japan surplus!!) for digital work, hanging out, and maybe eating. Will add a taller desk to the corner for messy analog work.
Guest friendly room, alright!

Tried to catch the #supermoon again at almost #5am. Beautiful.

I got bangs again. Identity crisis over. #bangs #70sbangs #mutt #scruffydog #asiangirl #redlips

Before Tumblr and smart phones, back when we moved from dingyass condos to another and neglected setting up Internet…I’d print out wallet sized inspirations.

Binondo afternoon.

We found a baby sparrow on the ground. What do we do?

Last Wednesday with Tracy at Cafe Publico mmmm. #cafepublico #churros