Drawing things out makes me feel a little better

Sorry for the long rant ^^;

Some people don’t feel artists deserve compensation seeing as it’s not as “essential” as, say, doctors or plumbers….Of course, then there are those who think that artists don’t even deserve recognition, let alone payment, so they take away artist sources and comments, thinking that artists live off of the euphoria of drawing alone (and of course if we complain about it, we’re being selfish bitches or spoiled brats). 

Yes, recognition is amazing, but we also don’t want to work for free (unless it’s something you just REALLY want to do of course and isn’t looking to buy food with recognition coupons). There are plenty of great companies and people who hire artists, and these hired paid artists get plenty of recognition.

Also, Stephen Silver’s video on this is pretty great so take a look if you haven’t yet.

Please note: I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t ever draw for anyone for free evar ever, but you deserve to be paid. Your art has value, and more importantly, your artistic skills have value and people should not expect it for free. 

This also is pretty good/funny: Should I work for free? a flow cart

"Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable."

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I want to run away to baler. Now.

Typo’d “Birthday” as “Bitchday.” My fingers are trying to tell me something. Figured I’d leave it as is.

My birthday is coming soon! Knowing how grumpy cat I am, I have all reasons to be upset or depressed about turning a year older. Oooold. Strangely, I’m excited! Although, honestly, I have a hard time naming the stuff I want…

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April Mini-Goals

Monica Menez


A background on monthly mini-goals:

We often don’t follow through with our New Year’s resolutions because they’re too general and lack an urgent timeframe. Monthly goals are a better idea since it takes about a month to develop good routines.


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