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Destiny - Mads Mikkelsen Death - Noomi Rapace Dream - Benedict Cumberbatch Destruction - Chris Hemsworth Desire - Ezra Miller  Despair - Andy Serkis Delirium - Hannah Murray

The Endless Fantasy Cast

I gathered a list of actors I think are fitting. :D

Destiny - Mads Mikkelsen

He is perfect as an eaons-old big brother. His aura is just tall, silent, dark, and scary. A hood will look great on him. He doesn’t need to talk much anyways.

Former pick: Paul Bettany

Death - Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace is beautiful but not too conventionally so. Her look in GWDT may be a showy and intimidating but I’m sure she can switch it up and look very cute and approachable despite a (minimalist) goth look. She has a big gorgeous smile to boot.

Former pick: Natalia Tena

Dream - Benedict Cumberbatch

First thought of him when I was searching for a long-faced actor. Peter Murphy's spot on but he's now a balding bag of bones. I don't see Dream as a handsome man but he has to be intimidating and slightly socially inept among humans. Cumberbatch has that charismatic Vulcan aura so I think he'd fit. We may need some makeup magic and a personal trainer for a “severely” lean physique, pecs and bones.

Former pick: nobody

Destruction - Chris Hemsworth

I don’t mind having a younger and very Hollywood actor play him. We need somebody who’s manly, muscled, and powerful but a softee on the inside. Just do the Thor thing and you’re set.

Former pick: Tom Hardy

Desire - Ezra Miller

Tilda-Swinton and Bjork had a lovechild with Sean Lennon as the Godfather. Less on the predictable feline charms. He looks like a merciless, conniving bitch. A pretty young boy sounds more “forbidden” anyway. Please do not ever play a career-suicide vampire.

Former picks: Famke Janssen

Despair - Andy Serkis

Despair doesn’t have to be a played by an actual fatty or even a woman. Andy Serkis can be anyone and he’d do it amazingly. I just don’t see Despair moving like a normal human being. He can be hungry-eyed or operate on surrender-mode, self-destructive and all. Goddammit, Mr. Motion Capture made people cry when he was a monkey. A fucking monkey. Also, Gollum. Dignity be damned.

Former pick: nobody

Delirium - Hannah Murray

Damaged crazy-eyed cute girl, hello. Love her performance in Skins. I checked others’ fantasy casting for Delirium and many picked Evanna Lynch but the latter seems a little too self-aware and wise. Hannah Murray’s just right. You just want to give her a hug but she’s not the nauseatingly vulnerable manic pixie dream girl.

Former pick: Mia Wasikowska